Freemasons in France

Welcome to Le Touquet Loge Nº 89

We are Freemasons in France.
Le Touquet Lodge No 89 is an English speaking Freemasons' Lodge in Le Touquet, France.

The Lodge is situated in the Masonic Province of Flanders and we are therefore considered French Freemasons although our origins are English. The lodge was founded in 1965 and is warranted under the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise

Our members are mainly English and most of our mother lodges are in England. We have brethren from all walks of life but we all have one thing in common.
We enjoy our Masonry!

We meet three times a year, usually on a Saturday in May, July and September. Our meetings take place in the lodge room at the Westminster Hotel, Avenue du Verger, 62520 Le Touquet, France. They normally start around 5:00pm and we sit down for dinner (the festive board) at 7:30pm following a champagne reception. Ladies are usually welcome to join us for the reception and at the festive board. A number of French brethren often attend our meetings and the festive board, including Grand Officers and Provincial Grand Officers. A great time is always had by all and we leave the venue looking forward to the next time we can  meet.