On the 21st July 2018, the lodge was again honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, T.R.F. Gilbert Geeraert together with other Provincial Grand Officers. Also present were six members of the Essex Cornerstone Club in England, a club for young Freemasons.

During the meeting V.W. Bro. Ken Cownden delivered a talk entitled “They Exchanged the Sceptre for the Trowel”, which counted the number of English Royal Freemasons throughout history and which was very well received.

The festive board comprised a five course meal prepared by the hotel’s Michelin Star chef, which followed a champagne reception with brethren and guests enjoying the warm weather on the terrace of the hotel.

After dinner, many again retired to the terrace for several hours, enjoying each others company and sampling the delights of the hotel bar, while the younger contingent headed for the Casino and Night Club!

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